August 27th: 

QMB Conference Opening

6.00pm - Plenary by Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Laureate

August 28th:

Better Biology through chemistry

Matthew Bogyo, Stanford University (Activity based protease probes in cell death and infection)
Francis Stewart, TU Dresden (Epigenetic regulation and genomic engineering)
Michael Muller, University of Freiburg (Biocatalysts and asymmetric chemical reactions)
Elizabeth Hinde, University of Melbourne (Biophysics of nuclear organisation)
Michelle Glass, University of Auckland (Molecular pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoids)
Tim Allison, University of Canterbury (Intact mass spectrometry of membrane proteins)

Cellular regulation in cancer and immunity

Kim Newton, Genentech (Proinflammatory Cell Death Mechanisms)
Ed Hawkins, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (Regulation, therapy and imaging in autoimmune dysfunction)
Christine Chaffer, Garvan Institute (Cancer Cell Plasticity)
Sarah Diermeier, University of Otago (lncRNAs in cancer)
James Murphy, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (Pseudokinases in signal transduction and cell death)
Nick Fleming, University of Otago (Mechanisms of cancer establishment and progression)

August 29th

The host-pathogen arms race

Ian Taylor, The Francis Crick Institute (Structural biology of retroviral infection)
Begoña Heras, La Trobe University (Structural biology of bacterial virulence factors)
Jeremy Owen, Victoria University (Novel antibiotic discovery through metagenomics)
Francesca Short, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Pathogen Genetics)
Nikki Moreland, University of Auckland (Antibody recognition in Streptococcal infection and rheumatic fever)
David Goldstone, University of Auckland (Signalling in host-viral interactions) 

Tackling complex disease—systems to molecules 

Jennifer van Eyk, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre (Understanding the basis of cardiovascular disorder through proteomics)
Kyle Hoehn, University of NSW (Nutrient use in healthy and disease metabolism)
Sebastian Schmeier, Massey University (Bioinformatics of ncRNAs)
Pawel K Olszewski, University of Waikato(Molecular mechanisms underlying appetite regulation)
Debbie Hay, University of Auckland (GPCR pharmacology in migraine, cancer and metabolic diseases)
Tara Richman, University of Western Australia (Molecular understanding of mitochondrial dysfunction)


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