QMB Satellite CANCER
QMB Satellite CANCER

QMB Satellite CANCER

26-27 August 2018, Rydges Hotel

This meeting will be run in association with the Garvan Institute in Sydney. It will be focussed mainly on cancer (of course) with a session on new advances in clinical oncology and genomic medicine and will include advances from the lab covering cell signalling and cell:matrix interactions, tools and technology for understanding cancer and advances in immunoncology. We have a sensational balance of New Zealand and Australian speakers (four from the Garvan), senior and up and coming stars and have concentrated on maintaining the gender equity balance. It should be a fantastic opportunity to network and collaborate with peers in NZ and beyond particularly strengthening relationships over the ditch. The champagne breakfast tradition will continue!

You may also be interested in the New Zealand Society for Oncology meeting being held in Queenstown 24-25th Aug, 2018.


Sunday 26th August

8.30am-8.50am  Champagne Breakfast Welcome

8.50am – 9.00am  Welcome and Introduction : Samantha Oakes, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Session 1 New advances in clinical oncology and genomic medicine

9.00am -9.30am  Mark Cowley (Q1), Kinghorn Cancer Centre

Title Translating cancer genomics to the clinic, for advanced childhood and rare adult cancers.

9.30am -10.00am  Amy Prowera (Q2), Kinghorn Cancer Centre

Title TBD

10.00am-10.30am  Morning Tea

10.30am -11.00am  Ben Lawrence (Q3), University of Auckland

Title TBD

11.00am -11.30pm  Katia Nones (Q4), QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute 

Title Genomics and cancer

11.30pm -12.00pm  Dr Petr Tomek (Q5), University of Auckland

Title A role for the Imprinted and Ancient gene in survival of cancer cells during tryptophan deprivation

12.00pm-12.30pm  Francis Hunter (Q6), University of Auckland

Title Functional genomic screens for mechanisms of resistance to trastuzumab emtansine

12.30pm-1.30pm  Lunch

Session 2 New therapeutic insights from the lab 

1.30pm -2.00pm  Peter Shepherd (Q7), University of Auckland

Title Melanoma and cancer

2.00pm -2.30pm  Elizabeth Caldon (Q8), Garvan institute of Medical Research

Title Targeting cell cycle in breast cancer

2.30pm -3.00pm  Holly Barker (Q9), Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Title Carcinosarcomas (malignant mixed Müllerian tumours) of the ovary (OCS).

3.00pm -3.30pm  Julia Horsfield  (Q10), University of Otago

Title Chromatin disruption and abnormal cell signalling in cohesin-mutant leukaemia

3.30pm-4.00pm  Afternoon tea

Session 3 New tools and technologies yielding greater insights into cancer

4.00pm -4.30pm  Greg Neely (Q11), Charles Perkins Centre

Title Using whole genome CRISPR screening to identify multidrug resistance gene.

4.30pm -5.00pm  Paul Timpson (Q12), Garvan institute of Medical Research

Title TBD

5.00pm -5.30pm  Andrew Burgess (Q13), ANZAC Research Institute

Title TBD

5.30pm -7.00pm  Poster Session and Drinks

7.30pm-10.30pm  Conference Dinner

Day one close


Monday 27th August

9.00-10.00am  Plenary

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Laureate

10.00am-10.30am  Morning Tea

Session 4 Cell signaling and matrix interactions

10.00am -10.30am  Jo Perry (Q14), University of Auckland

Title TBD

10.30am -11.00am  Matthew Naylor (Q15), University of Sydney

Title TBD

11.00am -11.30am  Antony Braithwaite (Q16), University of Otago

Title TBD

11.30am -12.00pm  Melanie McConnell (Q17), Malaghan Institute

Title TBD

12.00pm -12.30pm  Darren Saunders (Q18), University of New South Wales

Title TBD

12.30pm-1.30pm  Lunch

Session 5 Immunooncology

1.30pm -2.00pm  Adam Patterson (Q19), Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery, Auckland NZ 

Title TBD

2.00pm -2.30pm  Dr Lai-Ming Ching  (Q20), University of Auckland

Title Inhibiting tryptophan dioxygenases to remove immune suppression for treating cancer

2.30pm -3.00pm  Belinda Parker  (Q21), La Trobe University

Title: Restoring interactions between tumour and immune cells to block metastatic progression

3.00pm -3.30pm  Alexander McClellan (Q22), University of Otago


3.30pm-4.00pm  Afternoon tea

Session 6 The cancer microenvironment 

4.00pm -4.30pm  Gabi Dachs  (Q23), University of Otago

Title The role of ascorbate in modifying the hypoxic response in cancer

4.30pm -5.00pm  Kara Britt (Q24), Peter MacCallum Institute

Title The immune microenvironment in normal breast tissue at risk of developing breast cancer.

Conference Close


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